Raccoon in the Attic
A Raccoon in the Attic

Raccoons in the Attic

We at Xceptional Wildlife have encountered raccoons in the attic many times before. When they get into the attic, they can deal great amounts of damage. They can tear your insulation, damage your sheet-rock, and sometimes come through the ceiling into the rooms below! When raccoons get into the attic, they usually are looking to build a nest for their young. At Xceptional, we can remove those raccoons and provide exclusion to keep them out of your home

After the raccoons have been removed there is still the issue of the damage they have caused. Raccoons can contaminate the insulation in your attic with their feces and urine. At Xceptional, we offer cleanup and deodorization services. We also can also remove and replace your insulation.

Raccoons on the roof

If you had raccoons in your attic, they had to get there somewhere, usually that means through a hole in the roof. They will rip into the wood and tear up the shingles to get in there. So not only do you end up with raccoons in the attic, now you can have potential water damage. Here at Xceptional Wildlife we can perform trapping and do roof repairs. We also put caps on the chimney to prevent them from entering. We also repair any damage to siding or vents that may have been damaged from the raccoons trying to get into your home.

Raccoon in the Parking Lot
A Raccoon in the Parking Lot

Raccoons in the yard

What if there are raccoons on your property and not in your home? Raccoons are very clever, and are known to get into your trash to search for food. They will also dig up your yard and garden to search for insects. If you hear an animal in your trash at night, odds are it is a raccoon as they are nocturnal animals. But do not worry, as we deal with animals on your property as well as in your home! Our experts at Xceptional can locate, trap, and then remove the raccoons from your property. Raccoons are known to carry rabies and other diseases that can be spread to you. So please, keep yourself safe and let us handle these raccoons. Call us for a free inspections and quote.